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  Hardy Hibiscus
Hardy Hibiscus


There are several varieties of Hibiscus plants, some are considered hardy in the desert Southwest while others can be grown outside in contaners, but must be taken in during the winter.

Hardy Hibiscus will usually still freeze back to ground level, but come back from the roots in the spring.

The plants require full sun for best flower production. Flowers come in many shades, some can be seen on this page.

Requires regular watering, but do not overwater.

Spider mites love this plant, so when purchasing a Hibiscus, check very carefully for webbing or any evidence of mites. If the plant does end up having mites, several applications of a systemic insecticide will be needed for control.

Remember to water the plant a few hours prior to spraying.

Hibiscus plants make great additions to a patio or courtyard. The plant is a fast grower and the flowers are huge!

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Hibiscus flowers
Yellow Hibiscus flower
Orange Hibiscus flower
Hardy Hibiscus
Hardy Hibiscus, Althea

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